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Medical, Dental and Vision

We offer comprehensive coverage on medical, maternity, dental and vision care for eligible partners1 and their eligible dependents2. We also take care of your parent by providing hospital cash upon fulfilment of defined criteria.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you and your eligible dependents will be enrolled to our medical insurance plan from the first day of employment.

Medical Coverage

Under our outpatient plan, you entitle to an annual lumpsum quota in which you do not need to worry about the itemized claims coverage but have the flexibility to spend among:

  • General Practitioner including tele-consultation
  • Specialist’s Visit
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists Treatment
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • Herbalist & Bonesetter & Acupuncturist’s Treatment
  • Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Treatment
  • Diagnostic X-ray and Lab Test

You and your eligible dependents are also covered by our hospitalization coverage. Eligible transgender treatment will be covered by outpatient and hospitalization coverage.

Subject to personal needs, you can choose to join the voluntary top-up plan so as to entitle more coverage.

Dental, Vision Care and Vaccination

We also offer a lumpsum quota to cover dental treatment, vision care and vaccination.

Parent’s Hospital Cash

The eligible parent3 of the partners will be covered by hospital income cash upon fulfillment of defined criteria.

1 Eligible partners = All full-time partners stationing in Hong Kong who are not working on temporary basis

2 Eligible dependents = spouse, domestic partner, children under the age 18 or up to age 23 if registered as a full-time student

3 Eligible parent = parent of the partner at age 80 and below